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U431 USB LCD Interface w/cable
USB interface for character LCD modules

U431 USB Interface
US dollar
Product #CGU431
In stock
5 pack / 118.70  
  Product #CGU431pack5
Please contact us for other quantities.

USB interface for character LCD modules

The U431 provides a USB interface to character LCD modules for the PC (Win/Linux) or Mac (OSX).

The U431 has all of the firmware features of the U401 and U421.

The U431 is an assembled and tested circuit card that is 1.812 inches (46mm) long and 0.86 inches (21.8mm) wide. The U431 has 1 mounting hole.

The U431 interfaces to the PC (Win/Linux) or Mac (OSX) via the USB port. An application on the PC (Win/Linux) or Mac (OSX) controls the U431. The U431 does not use any custom drivers, just the drivers that are a part of the operating system. Custom software can be developed to use the U431, or the applications that have been created as examples here can also be used.

Comes with USB cable - no need to purchase one separately.

U431 USB LCD Interface

U431 USB LCD Interface

U431 pinout

U431 bundled with LCD
20 character LCD module
U431 USB Interface with LCD
US dollar
Product #CGU431LCD
In stock

U431 bundled with a 20-character LCD display

Purchase this package and get a U431 USB interface and a 20 character LCD module.

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